Casco Art Institute

Helping an experimental art platform deliver their message in a clear and functional way.

Casco Art Institute is an Utrecht-based experimental platform. They have been facilitating a new vision of society through the use of commons for the past 20 years. I have designed and developed a new website for them, along with a custom cms and a newsletter system.

With the new website, Casco wished to communicate the commons and their 20 years of progress clearer and to a wider audience.

Casco Art Institute has years-long projects which are made of various activities,  participants and resources. In order to help publish these different types of content, I added new user interface elements to WordPress backend.

Next was an expansion to the brand identity. I adapted the core elements such as the logo and colour palette for online use, expanding the visual expression and supporting functional needs.

Launched in 2021, the new has gained a higher amount of online visitors and helped them communicate their progress from the past to the future easily.